Powder Brows Vs. Microblading - Why Should You Pick Powder Brows?

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

What's the difference between Powder Brows and Microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup. A very fine blade is used to manually deposit pigment into the skin with individual Microstrokes. Unlike Powder Brows, Microblading may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals who may not be good Microblading candidates are:

  • Those who have previous eyebrow tattoos

  • Those with very thin skin

  • Those on blood thinners

Microblading results look best when the work blends in with the natural eyebrow, therefore the ideal Microblading candidate would need to have a sufficient amount of brow hair for optimal results. Certain skin types will also retain the crispness of hairstrokes longer than others.

Powder Brows are the semi-permanent secret to faking fuller eyebrows! Results are a soft shaded brow pencil look that can be filled to as subtle or as dramatic as the client prefers. This technique creates and defines the brows without any hairstrokes by depositing layers of soft color into the skin until the desired outcome is achieved. The front of the brows are typically faded softy to achieve a natural ombré effect. The Powder Brow technique lasts longer than Microblading (typically 1-3 years including a touch-up) and is suitable for all skin types including oily skin. Retention for both techniques will depend on a number of factors, such as lifestyle, skin type, sun exposure, health condition, etc.

Why choose Powder Brows over Microblading?

  • Less invasive technique compared to Microblading

  • Powder Brows are great for any skin type, unlike Microblading, which is not typically suitable for individuals with oily skin.

  • Brows appear fuller, more defined, dramatic, and powdery (resembling the look of makeup!)

  • Powder Brows last longer than brows that have been Microbladed.

  • The Powder Brow technique is also said to be less painful than Microblading

Why Choose Us for Powder Brows?

At Brow Studio By Rose, we are committed to providing the utmost pristine Powder Brow and Permanent Makeup services. Our mission is to have clients leaving our studio feeling like their most glamorous, confident, and beautiful selves. Feel free to get in touch with us today so you can start living your brow dreams tomorrow!